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Windows NT/2000 can't see my hard drive during Installation!
Special steps for hard disks attached to RAID/SCSI/Ultra100 controllers

These instructions also work for drives connected to SCSI controllers and IDE controllers that are supplied by secondary BIOSís such as Promise and High Point.

First, copy the appropriate drivers the a floppy disk. Second, begin the NT/2K installation. As soon as the status bar at the bottom of the screen says that it is loading drivers, press F6. Windows 2K will tell you to press F6 to load extra drivers. NOTHING WILL OCCUR TO LET YOU KNOW THAT THE INSTALLATION PROGRAM NOTICED THAT F6 WAS PRESSED. Once, the system has loaded its default drivers it will ask you have any other drivers to install. Follow the instructions on the screen to load the necessary drivers for your controller and operating system.

Note: If you are using a Promise RAID controller but have it setup as an Ultra100 controller be sure to load the Ultra100 drivers NOT the RAID drivers.