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If you are using a motherboard with Intel's 440BX chipset then DO NOT use the drivers that come on the CD. Instead download the latest release off the web.

If you are using Windows ME, and your system hangs when shutting down or restarting, then go to the device manager (right click on 'My Computer' and click 'Properties'). Find and select the SB16 'Legacy' device, click 'Properties' and check 'Disable' and click 'OK'. You may need to restart Windows. The reason for this is that the 'Legacy' device is for DOS, Windows ME does not start DOS before Windows loads and therefore the device is waiting, for a driver that was never loaded, to shut down.

If you are using Windows ME, and you are installing a Sound Blaster Sound Card, follow these instructions. If you are going to install or just finished installing but haven't restarted the system, read the first paragraph below. If you have unfortunately restarted your system and now it won't get to Windows, read the second paragraph below.

If you haven't rebooted yet, open Notepad, NOT WORD! Open the file C:\CONFIG.SYS. You may have to type this in, because you have Windows set to hide files that might be dangerous for you to alter. Remove the line, DEVICE=somethingHIMEM.SYS. There maybe other stuff after it, remove all of it, the entire line. Save the file. Now (still in Notepad) open C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. Remove the line, EMM386.EXE. Again, there maybe more stuff after it or before it, remove the entire line. Save the file. Both files may have nothing in them after your done, that is OK. You can now restart the system.
If you did reboot your system, don't worry. Your system can be up and running with only some minor changes. Turn on or reset your system and hold down the 'Control' key, usually labeled Ctrl until you get to a menu. The menu should have Command Prompt as one of the options. If you don't get the menu you weren't holding down the 'Control' key at the right moment, just try again. Select 'Command Prompt' and press enter. Type 'ren config.sys config.sb' and press enter. Type 'ren autoexec.bat autoexec.old' and press enter. You are now ready to start Windows. Type 'win' and press enter.