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Scandisk/Defrag keeps restarting
Why does it do that? and What can I do to stop it?

Scandisk and Defrag are disk utilities that work intimately with your hard drive and files. If they make a mistake you can lose everything on your computer. They deal with the thousands of files on your drive and may try to move parts of those files to different places on the disk. When doing this it would be a real shame if you saved something or Windows tries to update something while its being moved and gets lost. Because of this, anytime anything in any file is changed it starts back at the beginning. Now, you may be saying, "But, I'm just sitting here not doing anything". That may be true, but Windows or one of those icons sitting in the lower right of your screen may be doing something. Winamp, RealPlayer, and RealJukebox are notorious for constantly checking the harddisk for changes. This process is so fast that you would not notice the little light on your computer flashing. They only do this every minute or so, but remember that Scandisk and Defrag have got a lot of files to sort through, and they take longer than just one minute.

Now, you're asking what you can do about it. The best thing is to right click on each of those icons in the lower right of your screen. Then click 'close' or 'exit' if they have that option, and try Scandisk and Defrag again. If that doesn't work, we suggest you find a 'computer guy' or 'computer girl' to help close more of those icons. There are more steps to help you, but it gets much more complicated and mistakes can be hard to undo.