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Tech Tips

Diagnosing your boot-up problem
Hardware F.A.Q.'s
Software questions
General Stuff (including Internet sharing)

Diagnosing your boot-up problem

No Power
When I press the power button, nothing happens.

No Video
I turned my computer on and I can hear the fans and hard drive spinning, but my monitor is blank.

Hardware F.A.Q.'s

AT vs. ATX
I want a new Motherboard or Power Supply and need to know what do I need to look for.

CPU's and their differences.

Expansion Slots
How do I tell which slot is which, between ISA, PCI, and AGP.

Expansion Cards
What is the difference between ISA, PCI, and AGP cards.

IDE Setup
Primary, Secondary, Master, and Slave, Oh My!

They are all different shapes and sizes, what do I do with them.

Memory, which types are which.

Software questions

1Ghz+ and Windows
I've got Windows 98/ME and a 1Ghz+ CPU, is there a problem?

Windows ME vs. Windows 2000
Should I upgrade to Windows 2000? And what is this Windows ME.

Windows NT/2000 can't see my hard drive during installation
Special instructions for getting Windows NT/2000 to see your hard drive during installation on RAID/SCSI/Ultra100 IDE controllers.

Sound Blaster Live
Some common pitfalls and hang ups.

Scandisk and Defrag
They keep starting over and won't finish.

General Stuff

Terms and abbreviations.

How can I get multiple people on the Internet at the same time.

But I've got Anti-virus software!



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